Maisons avec des acres de façade sur le canal

Buying a second home for surfing

There are many advantages to building a holiday home. The iodized air of the coast will help you recover more quickly during your holiday. You will also appreciate the countless activities that can be enjoyed there.

A second home for a seaside holiday

Surf spots and seaside resorts along the coast guarantee you a great escape every time you visit your holiday home. All you need is a few days or a weekend to take full advantage of all these summer activities. Even when the climate cools down, it is still pleasant to walk along the coast, admire the beautiful scenery and enjoy the sea for surfing.

By choosing to have a second home built near the ocean, you have a pied-à-terre just a stone's throw from the sea. It is a beautiful environment to recharge your batteries. It is therefore an interesting investment.

All about the second home

If you wish to acquire a second home where you can surf, it is recommended that you choose a new home to benefit from maximum comfort and guarantee optimal energy performance. Before making a commitment, find out about the tax implications and capital gains of this type of property so that you can prepare yourself in the best possible conditions.

By having a second home built on the coast, you will enjoy pleasant peace and quiet during your holidays with family or friends. You will feel at home, you will use your belongings and you will be able to cook serenely, unlike a stay in a hotel.

Buying a second home also gives you the opportunity to build up an estate that you can rent out to provide additional income when you retire. It is also an excellent way to build up an estate for inheritance. If you like the idea of having a second address, you should not be bothered by the expense of tax and maintenance.

You have a wide choice of secondary home layouts on the coast; there are houses with canal frontage acres , single storey houses, waterfront villas, etc.

Having your house built is a real adventure, but an extraordinary one!

From the birth of the idea to its realization, you will go through many steps, sometimes simple.

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